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Organisation profile

Organisation profile

The German Printed Motors GmbH was established in 1987. Initially, it was supposed to be a sales and service office of the disc armature manufacturer, PMI Motion Technologies Inc. (PMI).

The European licensee was able to interest a team of specialists for industrial servodrives, who contributed their experience in dynamic motion technologies to PMI.

In addition to DC drive technique, very soon the development of brushless servo motors started in Heidelberg. These motors introduced new concepts for industrial robots.

In 1990, in the course of a management-buy out, the employees in Heidelberg gained all the German shares of the of PMI Motion Technologies Inc. and set up Printed Motors GmbH Industrie-Servoantriebssysteme. So it was possible to react much better to the changed market demands: this meant extending the product range by matched control and power electronics.

In 1993, the company moved to Meckesheim, where larger modern rooms reflect the development of the company. It is here in our engineering office, where we work on custom tailored solutions. Motors and partly also servo amplifiers of our own production are supplemented by system components as gear units, brakes, encoders, amplifiers, power supplies, control racks, EMC-devices etc. from approved suppliers.

We see ourselves primarily as partners of the OEM engineers. If you need assistance in case of finding the basic decision of the best technology, or if you need support for analysing complex drive problems, or if you have questions about sizing of optimally matched system components: contact our component engineers; they are your partners in all matters of "intelligent" motion.

With beginning of the new millennium, the change in the management-team and the company owners were carried out as well as the know-how was transferred.

Today Printed Motors GmbH concentrates on manufacturing special servomotors in small series,

the matching control and power electronics is obtained from approved suppliers. Thus the enterprise considered also to the general globalisation: Suppliers from South- and East Asia were consulted.

Above all however geographical borders on the customer side were diminished: the chance could be used by the sale of the original US parent company to become active on the US market. In the meantime - after 2003 the jump to Australia was likewise created - Printed Motors GmbH works world-wide and exports from Meckesheim special servomotors everywhere, where fastidious drive technology is needed. Whether positioning mechanisms for sonar systems in the deepest depth of the Pacific Ocean or a tuning control for radio telescope on the highest summits of the Andes in Chile:

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